A depth finder is a crucial tool in an angler’s arsenal, providing key underwater data. But when it ceases to work at speed, it can hamper your fishing experience.

This guide will help you understand why your depth finder might not work at speed and offer solutions to get you back in action swiftly.

Understanding the Issue

The Importance of a Functional Depth Finder

A depth finder uses sonar technology to detect and display the water depth, offering you valuable insights for safe navigation and successful fishing.

The Problem at Hand

If your depth finder stops working when your boat reaches a certain speed, it can restrict your ability to gather critical data, impacting your fishing results and navigation.

Reasons Your Depth Finder Stops Working at Speed


High speed can cause turbulence around the transducer, disrupting its signal and affecting the accuracy of the depth readings.

Incorrect Transducer Placement

If the transducer is installed in an area affected by the boat’s wake or propeller wash, it may struggle to function at higher speeds.

Transducer Issues

Faulty or damaged transducers can also fail to maintain accurate readings at speed.

Troubleshooting a Depth Finder Not Working at Speed

Adjust Your Speed

Sometimes, simply reducing your speed can decrease turbulence and allow your depth finder to function correctly.

Check Transducer Placement

Ensure your transducer is installed in a location where it won’t be affected by the boat’s wake or propeller wash.

Inspect the Transducer

Check for visible signs of damage or degradation on the transducer, and replace it if needed.

FAQ’s on Depth Finder Not Working at Speed

Why is my depth finder not working at speed?

Your depth finder may stop working at speed due to turbulence caused by high speeds, incorrect transducer placement, or issues with the transducer itself.

What can I do if my depth finder doesn’t work at speed?

You can adjust your speed, check the transducer’s placement, and inspect the transducer for any damage or issues.

Does boat speed affect the accuracy of a depth finder?

Yes, high boat speeds can cause turbulence that interferes with the transducer’s signal, affecting the accuracy of the depth finder.


A depth finder that doesn’t work at speed can be a significant setback. However, understanding the causes and knowing how to address them can help you overcome this hurdle. So, steer clear of the frustration and make full speed ahead towards a rewarding fishing experience!

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