Editorial Standards

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Transparency, Disclosures, and Conflicts of Interest

At FishFinderly, our commitment is to our audience above all else. We operate with transparency in all our methods, disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and make sure our readers know exactly what they can expect from us.

Our team is committed to being upfront about any relationships that may influence our coverage. We prohibit staff members from having financial interests in any area they cover, including shares in relevant companies. Any products we test are used for content creation, and we always offer to return them to the manufacturer after testing. Our staff members and regular contributors are forbidden from accepting compensation from entities they cover, and they cannot sell any products obtained for review.

We want to make it clear that FishFinderly earns commissions through product review links, which we disclose in each story that contains affiliate links. Our product reviews and recommendations are solely based on our expertise, research, and experience. Any sponsored reviews or deals will be clearly marked as such. Furthermore, any branded or sponsored content will always be clearly labeled, and our readers can trust that transparency will never be in question.

Accuracy & Accountability

We are committed to delivering the most accurate and up-to-date news, features, analysis, and recommendations possible to our readers. Every story we publish goes through at least one editor who ensures the quality and accuracy of the content. In some cases, an independent fact-checker will verify all statements in the story.

We understand that errors may occur, and we take them seriously. Whenever a reader or source raises an issue with a story we’ve published, an editor will review the proposed change against our sourcing, consult additional resources as needed, and determine if it’s necessary to issue a correction. If a correction is warranted, we will update the relevant passages in the text and insert a note disclosing the error in the story itself.

Our Editorial Team

FishFinderly is led by editor-in-chief Samantha Green and an experienced team of editors who specialize in various outdoor activities. Our staff members have won numerous awards, including national magazine awards, fishing tournaments, and archery competitions.

Sustainable Creativity

At FishFinderly, we value journalism and the well-being of our journalists. We are committed to creating a workplace culture that supports the careers, health, and well-being of the people who create our articles, videos, podcasts, and more. Our managers run newsrooms based on dignity and respect, which produces the best work. Additionally, we provide leave, vacation, and holiday schedules that allow our journalists to take the time they need to unplug and reboot.

  • Editor-in-Chief Samantha Green
  • Design Director Lisa Smith
  • Senior Deputy Editor Michael Lee
  • Staff Writer Rachel Cole
  • Executive Gear Editor Richard Anderson
  • Associate Gear Editor Ashley Miller
  • Staff Writer Anthoni Ja
  • Photography Director Tim Jackson
  • Production Manager Heather Evans
  • Copy Editor Chris White

Building a community of journalists is important to us, and we are dedicated to the success of each individual brand as well as the growth and development of individual journalists. Our brands collaborate, exchange tips and ideas, and push one another to do our best work. We believe this approach produces the best content for our readers.[/su_note]