Furuno FCV295 is designed for professional fishing operations. It features a 10.4″ color LCD display that provides superior viewing even in direct sunlight. Depending on the strength of the echoes returned, the device displays echoes in 8, 16, or 64 colors. Choosing two frequencies from 28 to 200 KHz is possible with Furuno’s free synthesizer (FFS) transceiver, which offers a wide range of operating frequencies. A single, two or three watts of output power can be selected.

Furuno FCV295 ReviewIn addition to the ability to display highly defined images of underwater conditions, the FCV295 has a number of other key features. By optimizing gain, the digital filter produces highly defined images of underwater conditions and eliminates noise, resulting in sharp and detailed echo images, allowing the detection of fish and fishing reefs with absolute clarity. It transmits more detailed information about underwater conditions than conventional fish finders by over 30%.

In addition to automatic transmission, the device provides detailed detection of seabed targets by automatically raising transmission rates in shallow waters and lowering them in deep waters. A variety of display modes and functions are available on the FCV295 to assist skippers.

What We Like

  • Even in direct sunlight, it provides superior viewing
  • Operating frequencies are available in a wide range
  • Images of the underwater environment in high definition
  • Seabed targets can be detected automatically using the auto transmission function
  • For simple and intuitive information, a variety of display modes and functions are available

What We Don’t Like

  • The transducer is sold separately
  • Some users may find it expensive


FAQs on Furuno FCV295 in 2023

What is the maximum frequency range of the Furuno FCV295?

The maximum frequency range of the Furuno FCV295 is 28-200 kHz.

Can the Furuno FCV295 display echoes in multiple colors?

There are eight, sixteen, or 64 colors available with Furuno FCV295 echoes, adjusting the color based on the return echo strength.

Can the output power of the Furuno FCV295 be adjusted?

The Furuno FCV295 can adjust its output power from 1kW to 3kW.

Does the Furuno FCV295 have an auto transmission function?

In shallow waters, the Furuno FCV295 automatically increases its transmission rate, while in deep waters, it reduces it, enabling detailed searches for seabed targets.

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Furuno FCV295 Installation Manual: 


The Furuno FCV295 is an advanced fish finder designed for professional fishing operations. Its high-definition images, auto transmission function, and variety of display modes make it an excellent choice for skippers who want detailed and intuitive information about underwater conditions. However, it may be expensive for some users, and the transducer is sold separately. If you’re looking for a high-end fish finder that provides superior viewing and a wide range of features, the Furuno FCV295 is a great option to consider.

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