Worms are an excellent choice for anglers who like to practice patience. These small creatures are easy to handle and require little effort to hook. Once hooked, worms are relatively easy to reel in.

With worms, you can catch fish in many different ways. You can set them along the bottom of a lake or river. Other people place them near submerged objects like rocks or logs. Others suspend them above the water’s surface. You must know how to properly prepare your worm before you place it in the water, regardless of the method you choose.

How to Find Fishing Worms 2023

Preparing Worms

To ensure that your worms remain fresh, you’ll need to remove their heads. Start by cutting off the head just behind the eyes. Then cut down through the middle of the body until you reach the tail. Finally, pull the tail free.

  • Once you’ve removed the head, you’ll need to soak the worm in some clean water. Make sure that the water is cold so that the worm doesn’t die while soaking. After soaking, rinse the worm thoroughly.
  • Next, you’ll need to trim the worm’s legs. Trim the front two legs, leaving only the rear pair. Then, cut the remaining legs off at the joint where they meet the body.
  • Finally, you’ll need to split the worm lengthwise. Cut the worm in half so that you end up with two equal pieces.

Casting Worms

You will need to decide which way the worm will swim before you begin casting. Most worms swim forward, but some will turn around and swim backward. The way you decide to cast should be influenced by the current. A worm should move away from you when the current is flowing toward you, while a worm should be directed toward you if the current is moving against you.

When fishing with worms, you do not need a boat at all. If you do not have a boat, you can still catch fish with them. Simply drop the worm into a bucket filled with water and watch it sink to the bottom. Then slowly lower the pole into the water while holding it over the bucket. When the worm reaches the water, release the line.

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FAQs – How To Catch Fish With Worms

Q: How do I keep my worms alive?

A: You should never put live bait into the water. Instead, you should buy frozen worms. Frozen worms stay active longer than live ones.

Q: What size worms should I use?

A: The best size depends on what type of fish you plan to catch. Smaller worms work well for trout, whereas larger worms are better suited to catching bass.

Q: Can I use worms to catch catfish?

A: Yes, but you may need to change tactics. Catfish usually feed on insects and other small animals. Therefore, you might be able to attract them using crickets, grasshoppers, or even earthworms.

Q: Do worms need to be soaked before putting them in the water?

A: No. In fact, most experts recommend that you leave them dry. However, if you’re concerned about keeping them alive, you can soak them. Just make sure that the water is very cold.

Q: How long does it take to catch a fish with worms?

A: It all depends on the species of fish you’re targeting. Trout generally take less time to catch than largemouth bass.

Q: Are there any special techniques for catching fish with worms?

A: Sure! Here are three tips that will help you catch more fish:

  1. Weighted hooks allow you to cast the worm farther without worrying about it getting lost.
  2. Cast the worm at night. Many fish become inactive during the day, making it easier to catch them.
  3. Cast the worm near shore. Fish like to eat their food close to the surface.


Fishing bait like worms has been around for centuries. Native Americans used them centuries ago. Anglers still use them because they’re easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

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