Would you like to make your boating experience more enjoyable this season with a Lowrance Fish Finder?

Best Lowrance Fish Finder for the Money

Best Lowrance Fish Finder for the Money

If you want to enjoy a successful fishing trip, you must have a quality fish finder.

We will be covering the best fishfinder from Lowrance for the money that is currently available, and they have an extensive selection with great options for every budget. Lowrance is one of the leading manufacturers of fish finders, and they offer a wide selection. Hopefully, based on our research and reviews, you will be able to enjoy your next trip on the water with the right device for a long time to come!

Best Deals on Lowrance Fish Finders of 2023

Lowrance HDS-Live Fish Finder, Multi-Touch Screen, Live Sonar Compatible, Preloaded C-MAP US Enhanced Mapping

You can view fish and structures simultaneously with HDS Live Fish Finder’s CHIRP Sonar and StructureScan 3D or HD technology.

Dual-core processing makes this device capable of quickly redrawing and responding, making it easy to use advanced features such as Mercury VesselView Link, Lowrance Outboard Pilot, and StructureScan 3D.

With the new dynamic color range, SideScan, DownScan Imaging, TotalScan, and StructureScan HD/3D provide enhanced visibility and greater color ranges.

CHIRP dual-channel sonar enables two CHIRP channels to be viewed simultaneously for increased target separation in tight groups or at the bottom of the sea.

Moreover, you can use the device to plan your route around fixed hazards, based on the boat’s draft, beam, and height. Use of this feature requires Navionics+, Navionics Platinum, or C-MAP MAX-N plus charts.

What We Like

  • CHIRP Sonar and StructureScan 3D or StructureScan HD can be viewed simultaneously using advanced fishfinding technology.
  • Redraws and response times are faster with dual-core processors.
  • High visibility contrast and wide range of colors are achieved with SideScan, DownScan Imaging, TotalScan, and StructureScan HD/3D.
  • CHIRP dual-channel sonar allows for simultaneous viewing of two CHIRP channels, making it impossible to miss targets.
  • A software program determines the shortest and safest route for a boat based on its draft, beam, and height.
  • A 7-inch screen, Ethernet connectivity, and a simple user interface make this tablet an ideal choice.

What We Don’t Like

  • In order to use the easy routing feature, you must have additional mapping software, such as C-MAP MAX-N+ charts, Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts.
  • For some boaters, the weight (8.74 pounds) might be a concern.
  • A relatively expensive fish finder compared to others on the market.
  • Getting used to all the features and settings may take some time.


Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Fish Finder 9 Inch Screen with Transducer and C-MAP Preloaded Map Options

With its incredible view of the underwater environment, the Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Fish Finder lets you identify and locate fish at any level of skill. Anglers of all skill levels are able to benefit from this device due to its top-of-the-line capabilities. FishReveal, a feature from Lowrance, combines CHIRP sonar target separation with DownScan Imaging high-resolution images of structure to highlight fish on the display.

Its detailed maps of nearly 4,000 inland lakes make it easy to find the perfect fishing spot. Featuring SideScan and DownScan Imaging for high-resolution images of fish-holding structure along with fish-finding capabilities, this transducer is ideal for anglers looking for all their sonar in one place.

You will save time and trouble as fishing conditions change with the Hook Reveal 9’s sonar, which automatically adjusts settings. Even in direct sunlight, the SolarMAX display offers excellent clarity and daylight visibility, so you can clearly see your display. Anglers will love the sleek design and advanced features of the Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 Fish Finder.

What We Like

  • Detecting and identifying fish is easier with FishReveal technology.
  • Nearly 4,000 US inland lakes are mapped in high detail.
  • With the TripleShot transducer, you get multiple types of sonar in one device.
  • Automatically adjusting sonar settings saves time.
  • SolarMAX’s 9-inch display is clear and visible even in direct sunlight.
  • Easy to use and compact.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some anglers may find it costly.
  • For full utility of the device, additional mapping or software may be needed.
  • The 9-inch screen size may be too large for some users.
  • Autotuning sonar may not be as effective for some users as manually adjusting settings.
  • SolarMAX’s 9-inch display may be too small for some users.
  • The mapping process may not work with all devices, and additional hardware may be required.
  • NMEA compatibility, GPS navigation, wireless connectivity, or wireless connectivity are not included.


Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Inch Fish Finders with Transducer, Plus Optional Preloaded Maps

The Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Inch Fish Finder has a range of features that make finding and identifying fish a breeze. FishReveal sonar allows you to separate targets, and DownScan Imaging shows high-resolution images of structure, allowing you to see fish up close. 

It’s easy to find your favorite fishing spot with the GPS Plotter, and you can easily navigate routes, trails, and waypoints. In addition to offering the best views below the boat thanks to the SplitShot transducer, the device also features a wide-angle high CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging that produce high-resolution images of fish-holding structures. 

As fishing conditions change, autotuning sonar features on the HOOK Reveal models ensure you always get the best sonar images.

With its excellent clarity and daylight visibility, the 7-inch SolarMAX display delivers crisp and clear images even in direct sunlight. This fish finder is lightweight and compact, and measures 10.12 x 7.76 x 8.86 inches, so it is easy to take along.

What We Like

  • The FishReveal technology combines CHIRP sonar with DownScan imaging for improved fish identification.
  • Navigation to desired fishing spots is easy with the GPS Plotter.
  • Both fish and fish-holding structures are visible with the SplitShot transducer.
  • Sonar settings are automatically adjusted for optimal imaging in changing fishing conditions with Autotuning Sonar.
  • There is clear visibility in all lighting conditions thanks to the 7-inch SolarMAX display.

What We Don’t Like

  • Maps or add-on mapping are not included with the Hook Reveal “7” models.
  • Compared to other fish finders on the market, this device is relatively heavy.
  • The device may be too expensive for some anglers.


Lowrance HOOK 2 7 – 7-inch Fishfinder with SplitShot Transducer and US Inland Lake Maps Installed

It comes with a phone-like interface, auto-tuning sonar, and a convenient interface for adjusting settings. 

As well as offering twice the coverage of traditional fish finders, the HOOK27 is also capable of mounting on the transom, inside the hull, on the trolling motor, or through the scupper hole. 

It comes with a SplitShot transducer that provides DownScan sonar and CHIRP sonar views for a more comprehensive view of the water below the surface. With preloaded US inland mapping, which includes 4,000 lakes with 1-foot contours, it is easy to locate fish-holding structures such as ledges, drop-offs, and cover.

Fish finders like this one are the perfect tool for any fishing trip because of their compact size, lightweight design, and ease of use.

What We Like

  • The interface is easy to use with a phone-like menu system and an auto-tuning sonar.
  • This fish finder provides twice as much coverage as traditional fish finders due to its wide-angle CHIRP sonar cone.
  • One transducer can be mounted in various ways for easy setup.
  • A more comprehensive view of the water is provided by both DownScan sonar and CHIRP sonar.
  • You can locate fish-holding structures like ledges, drop-offs, and cover conveniently with inland mapping of the US, including 4,000 lakes mapped with 1-foot contours.
  • Transporting and using it during fishing trips is easy thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

What We Don’t Like

  • It might be too small for some users to use the 7-inch screen.
  • There are limitations to the mapping feature, so it may not be suitable for all types of fishing.
  • Software updates may be required to maintain the device’s performance.
  • The device may be too expensive for some users.
  • Boats of all types may not be compatible.


Lowrance Elite FS 9 Fish Finder with Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer, Preloaded C-MAP Contour+ Charts

Anglers can find fish and structures with precision with this Lowrance Elite FS 9 Fish Finder. Thanks to its advanced sonar imaging capabilities, this fish finder’s Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer provides a new level of sonar detail. With this transducer, CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan technologies combine to provide an in-depth view of the underwater environment. As an ActiveTarget-ready product, Elite FS 9 displays real-time images of fish as they swim around your lure and respond to it.

A key feature of the Elite FS 9 is its integrated wireless, NMEA 2000 and Ethernet connectivity, which allows users to add Halo Dome Radar and Outboard Pilot to create a comprehensive Elite Fishing System. A user can therefore easily transfer sonar data, charts, waypoints, and other user data between displays.

Featuring an easy-to-use, 9-inch screen that features high-resolution, multi-touch technology, the Elite FS 9 is perfect for viewing detailed sonar images and navigating menus. Additionally, C-MAP Contour+ charts come preinstalled on the device, making it easy to locate fishing areas like ledges, dropoffs, and ditches on 8,900 lakes in the U.S. with 1-foot contours. An angler seeking improved success on the water can benefit from the advanced imaging and networking capabilities of the Lowrance Elite FS 9 Fish Finder.

What We Like

  • Through CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan technology, the Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer provides a new level of sonar imaging detail.
  • With ActiveTarget, you’ll be able to see high-resolution images of fish swimming around your structure and responding to your lures in real-time.
  • Elite Fishing Systems support integrated wireless, NMEA 2000, and Ethernet networking capabilities.
  • With its 9-inch, high-resolution, multi-touch screen, navigation and detailed sonar images are easy to see.
  • Includes high-resolution 1-foot contour maps of 8,900 U.S. lakes preloaded with C-MAP Contour+ charts.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some anglers may find the device expensive.
  • Users may prefer a larger display if the screen size is too small.
  • Some users may have difficulty navigating the advanced settings and features.
  • It may have limited use for users who are not fishing in the US.
  • It may be difficult for some users to install and set up the device without professional help.


Key factors to consider when buying a Lowrance fish finder, one at a time:

  • Type of fishing and important features: If you are fishing in deep waters, you will need a fish finder with a high depth range and advanced sonar technology. For example, if you are fishing in depths, you will need a fish finder with depth sensors.
  • Display screen size and resolution: The display screen’s size and resolution are important factors in determining how easy it will be to read and interpret the fish finder’s information.
  • Connectivity options: Ensure that the fish finder is connected to other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, via wireless connectivity.
  • Durability and build quality: Last but not least, make sure the fish finder is durable and of high quality. A well-made and durable fish finder will last longer and provide more reliable performance.

FAQs on Lowrance Fish Finders

What is a Lowrance fish finder? 

A Lowrance fish finder uses sonar to detect and display underwater structures and fish in real-time, making it easier for anglers to locate and target fish.

How does a Lowrance fish finder work? 

Using sonar (sound waves), Lowrance fish finders emit sound waves into the water, then measure how long it takes the waves to bounce back. In order to create a detailed image of the underwater environment, the device uses this information.

What features are included in a Lowrance fish finder? 

There are many features found in Lowrance fish finders, including high-resolution displays, advanced sonar technology, and GPS and mapping capabilities.

Can Lowrance fish finders be used in saltwater or freshwater? 

Both saltwater and freshwater environments can be used with Lowrance fish finders.

Can I connect my Lowrance fish finder to my smartphone or tablet? 

Many Lowrance fish finders can be viewed and controlled remotely using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and the data can be shared with other devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Can I use a Lowrance fish finder to track the movement of fish? 

Anglers can target specific species of fish and understand their behavior by using Lowrance fish finders equipped with advanced sonar technology.

Can I use a Lowrance fish finder to navigate on the water? 

Most Lowrance fish finders have built-in GPS and mapping capabilities, so you can mark waypoints, trails, and other locations on the water.

How much does a Lowrance fish finder cost? 

Some entry-level Lowrance fish finders can cost as little as $200, while more advanced models can cost as much as $1000.

Where can I buy a Lowrance fish finder?

There are many places to buy Lowrance fish finders, including online retailers, boating and fishing stores, and electronics stores, as well as directly from Lowrance itself.


Ultimately, the best lowrance fish finder for the money is highly subjective as it is dependent on a person’s specific needs. Nevertheless, the Lowrance HDS-7 Live offers a great value for its price, based on customer reviews, features, and price. In addition to its large, high-resolution display and built-in wireless connectivity, it has advanced sonar capabilities as well. Additionally, the Lowrance Hook 2-7 TripleShot is a budget-friendly alternative that still offers a range of features, making it a great choice for anglers on a tighter budget. When choosing a fish finder, it’s important to take into account your own needs and preferences to ensure you get the best value.

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