Multifunction displays (MFDs) like Simrad Go7 XSE provide navigation, sonar, and radar solutions. In spite of this, it can sometimes encounter problems like any electronic device. Five common Simrad Go7 XSE problems will be discussed in this article, along with their solutions.

Simrad Go7 XSE – Problems & Solutions

Display not turning on:

A number of factors can lead to this problem. Generally, dead or weak batteries are to blame. You can resolve this issue by checking the battery level and ensuring that it is charged. A power cable or power connection could be the problem if the battery is not the issue. You should ensure that the power cable is properly connected and that the connection is secure. It may be necessary to repair or replace the device if the problem persists.

Touchscreen not responding:

There could be a hardware problem or a software issue causing your Simrad Go7 XSE touchscreen not to respond. Try restarting the device first to resolve this issue. Install any necessary software updates if that doesn’t work. There is a possibility that the touchscreen is damaged and will need to be replaced if the problem persists.

No sonar or radar display:

It may be caused by a problem with the transducer or the connection between the transducer and the MFD if the sonar or radar display does not work. The transducer should be tightly attached to the boat and the cables should be properly connected. There is a possibility that the transducer may be damaged and will have to be replaced if the problem persists.

GPS not working:

An antenna problem or a problem connecting the antenna to the MFD could cause the GPS on the Simrad Go7 XSE to not work. The antenna should be securely attached to the boat, and the cables should be connected properly. A damaged antenna may need to be replaced if the problem persists.

Error messages:

Simrad Go7 XSE Troubleshooting and Solutions

Simrad Go7 XSE Troubleshooting and Solutions

A Simrad Go7 XSE error message could be caused by a software issue or a hardware issue. The first step in troubleshooting this problem is to restart the device. You may need to install software updates if that does not work. A hardware issue could be causing the problem, which may require the device to be repaired or replaced if it persists.

Simrad Go7 XSE is therefore a very reliable and powerful MFD. It can, however, experience issues from time to time, just like any electronic device. Simrad Go7 XSE users can quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issues by understanding the common problems they may encounter and their solutions.

For further assistance, please contact Simrad or a certified technician if the problem persists after trying the above solutions.


Simrad Go7 XSE is an advanced and reliable MFD that offers a wide range of features; however, like any electronic device, it may occasionally encounter issues. The Simrad Go7 XSE is easily troubleshooted and resolved if you understand the common problems users may encounter and the solutions for each. Make sure all connections and cables are properly secured and check for software updates regularly. For further assistance, Simrad or a certified technician should be contacted if the problem persists after trying the suggested solutions.

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