If you’re having issues with your fishing line constantly coming off the reel, it can be quite frustrating and potentially ruin a good fishing day. This article will explore the common causes of this problem and how to prevent it.

Common Reasons Why Fishing Line Comes Off the Reel

There are a few common reasons why fishing line might continually come off the reel.

Overfilling the Spool

When the spool is overfilled with line, it can easily spill off, particularly during a cast.

Incorrectly Spooled Line

If the line is spooled onto the reel incorrectly (in the wrong direction or with uneven winding), it can cause the line to come off more easily.

Loose Line

If the line is loosely wound onto the spool, it can come off the reel, particularly during casting.

How to Prevent Your Fishing Line from Coming Off the Reel

By following the correct steps, you can prevent your fishing line from constantly coming off the reel.

Correct Spooling

Ensure that the line is spooled onto the reel correctly. The line should be wound onto the reel in the same direction it comes off the spool.

Proper Line Tension

Keep the line under slight tension as you wind it onto the spool to prevent loose loops that can cause the line to come off the reel.

Choosing the Right Line for Your Reel

Different reels are designed to work best with specific types of line. Using the right line for your reel can help prevent issues.


If your fishing line keeps coming off the reel, it can usually be traced back to issues with how the line was spooled onto the reel, the tension of the line, or the type of line used. By addressing these issues, you can enjoy a smoother, more efficient fishing experience.


Why does my fishing line keep coming off the reel?

The line might be overfilled, incorrectly spooled, or loosely wound, leading to it coming off the reel.

How can I prevent my fishing line from coming off the reel?

Ensure the line is correctly spooled, maintain proper line tension when winding, and choose the right line for your reel.

Does the type of fishing line I use affect whether it comes off the reel?

Yes, different types of line have different characteristics and some may be more prone to coming off the reel than others.

Does overfilling the spool cause the line to come off the reel?

Yes, if the spool is overfilled, the line can easily spill off, especially during a cast.

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