Garmin depth finders are a cornerstone for many fishing adventures. However, if the depth readings on your device start to flash, it can disrupt your experience.

This guide will dissect why your Garmin depth might be flashing and how to resolve the issue.

Understanding the Issue

The Significance of a Depth Finder

A depth finder is a vital tool for fishing and navigation, providing essential information about water depth and bottom structure.

Deciphering the Flashing Depth

When your Garmin depth starts flashing, it indicates that the device is having trouble providing stable and accurate depth readings.

Reasons Your Garmin Depth Might Be Flashing

Loss of Signal

A flashing depth often means the device has lost the sonar signal, which could be due to several factors like speed, turbulence, or water conditions.

Transducer Issues

Problems with the transducer, such as incorrect placement or damage, can also lead to a flashing depth.

Deep or Shallow Water

Your device might flash when it’s in exceptionally deep or shallow water, where obtaining accurate readings can be challenging.

Troubleshooting a Flashing Garmin Depth

Check Your Speed

High speeds can cause turbulence, disrupting the sonar signal. Try reducing your speed to see if the depth reading stabilizes.

Inspect the Transducer

Ensure the transducer is properly installed and isn’t damaged. Misalignment or damage can lead to inaccurate readings.

Consult the User Manual

Your Garmin device’s user manual might provide specific troubleshooting steps for a flashing depth.

FAQ’s on Why Is My Garmin Depth Flashing

Why is my Garmin depth flashing?

Your Garmin depth might be flashing due to loss of sonar signal, problems with the transducer, or because it’s operating in very deep or shallow water.

What can I do when my Garmin depth starts flashing?

You can check your speed, inspect the transducer, and consult your Garmin device’s user manual for specific troubleshooting steps.

Can water depth affect my Garmin device’s readings?

Yes, extremely deep or shallow water can challenge the device’s ability to provide accurate readings, which might cause the depth to flash.


A flashing Garmin depth can be a puzzling issue, but understanding its causes and solutions can help you troubleshoot it effectively. So, shine a light on the problem and keep your fishing adventure smoothly sailing!

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